Monday, August 19, 2013

A Lovely Day on Social Security Beach, the river beach in Astoria Oregon/Warrenton Oregon

 Every year I get to see one of my favorite bird the Pelicans! This one picture turned fairly nice! what a beautiful day on the Columbia River! Across the river is Washington!  The dry sand was almost to hot to walk on what a great pre-birthday day! Today is my birthday!! hooray! turning the big 52! yesterday was my mom's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and my parents Anniversary!!!

 It was exciting not only pelicans but lots of jelly fish! I tried really hard to catch one and you can kind of see it.  If you look close you can see a bit of pink and black... that's the jelly fish! baby crabs were washing up too and the seagulls were having a field day with them!

 You can also drive on the river beach which is call Social Security beach and fish away!
People and dogs loving the day!


Kim said...

What a busy couple of days, Happy Birthday to you and your Mom and Happy Anniversary to your parents. Your pictures are just beautiful!!

The other side of Frankly Its kute said...

thank you!