Saturday, August 3, 2013

Am Idea for a Wall hanging Quilt my art, my camera and soon some fabric

Good late Saturday afternoon to all! I just love messing around with my drawing ability, camera and photo overlays.  In the first one I created my very own fall scene using water color paper and my acrylic maker paints then I took some pictures of the completed art work and and some overlays, just has enhancing the colors and making it sharper I also added a water color over lay and loved how it turned out!! so I am planning on printing this on some jet ink fabric and making a fall wall hanging quilt!
In the pictures below I did everything almost similar but in the last photo the overlay is negative and I love how it turned out so it will be a very color Halloween quilt in the coming days.  I just love my Smart photo editor!  There are so many ideas running wildly through my mind on all that I can do and lots of ideas are quilting ideas! because I love to quilt!  I have done a few more drawings up and I will be sharing those with you too, they are fall scenes also and I plan winter and spring.  I will share step by step how each of these will come along and turn out!

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