Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Finished Wall hanging Bird Quilts for Wednesday July 31st 2013

 Good morning to everyone! I wanted to share a couple of wall hanging quilts that I have just finished.  The first at the top is from one of my own photos that I took of some Arctic Terns that we get here on the Oregon coast.  I took the photograph and did some overlays, one was my favorite which is a watercolor overlay.  Then I printed the photo on some ink jet fabric to print on and did an iron on transfer.  Next I found some great cotton quilting fat quarters to use for the quilt.  Blues were the colors I picked for this quilt and some pretty stitching to go along.  I designed how I wanted the quilt to look with no patterns and I love how the quilt came out.
In the second photo is a primitive wall hanging quilt, once again I used the ink jet fabric accept the crow was not an iron, instead I used the sew in printed fabric and I like it better than the iron on.  The crow was a graphic I found on line for free and I used cinnamon, coffee and vanilla for staining the printed out crow.  I let the staining just by picking the fabric and moving around and let it just air dry.  I added a bit of oil pastel to the top and on the crow to give it a bit more grubby look.  Both quilts are back with quilting batting and contrasting fabric.  I added buttons to both quits and I hand sew them on using quilting thread.  I pulled tabs off of soda cans to hand sew on the back of quilts for hanging.  I have lots of fun creating both quilts and I am planing doing some more quilts up.  So I have been trying to stay busy keeping my mind off of the hive outbreaks and trying to get the blood sugar levels back down, funny how quilting will take your mind off all the troubles!  I almost forgot to tell you where I got everything at Joann's the quilt quarters, buttons thread, batting and the jet ink fabrics, I also have each quilt a tiny personal touch by signing them.  In  a couple days I will share pictures of a doll/dolls I have been creating.


Kim said...

Love your hanging quilts! The crow is my favorite :)

The other side of Frankly Its kute said...

thank you! the crow is my favorite too!

Garnet Gray said...

hi Pam, love what you are doing with your art. such talent, and loved your two blogs. u go, girl. that crow is wonderful. i named my house in opark, crow cottage. hope you are all well and happy! hugs, aunt Carole

The other side of Frankly Its kute said...

Thank you so much! It's wonderful hearing from you! I hope you are well it was wonderful hearing from you