Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fourth of July Foam Magnets Craft Project and A Painted Plate for Dad

This is a very simple fun project you can do using craft foam.  I call these my Fourth of July foam Angels.  What you will need for this project
flesh colored foam 2-3 pieces depending how many you would like to make and these are large foam magnets measuring 9 to 10 inches long.
hot glue gun
Red, white, blue craft foam
buttons of various kinds 
gold cording
yarn or cotton floss 
round heavy duty magnets
acrylic oil base paints of various colors.

What I have done first was to cut out my shapes for the body and dress.  The body is flesh colored foam and for the head I cut out an egg shape, the hand and feet are also round circles.  I have done this so that those that can not draw so well will find making the body easy.  Now the dress, fold the craft foam in half.  Now on the fold cut a neck line by cutting a half circle, then cut out from the half circle to start the sleeve. Come down and make a funny shaped triangle, this may be a little hard to under and if it is you could just draw out the dress using the photos as your guide and then cut.  Hot glue the head to the dress and do the same for feet and hands.

To do the facial features you will need some oil based acrylic paints, which is what I like to use and I have these in a marker form that you can buy at Jo Ann's or any art store.  I like them because they blend so nicely.
Now cut out some stars in contrasting foam colors; I happen to like my stars a little less than normal.  I have also stained a wooden pop stick for the wand and I used a bit of instant coffee to do this.  I have hot glued the star and stick to the hand of the angel.
In this photo I have used some black craft yarn, I have wound up the yarn and knotted in the center and hot glued it to the head of the angel.

I am adding the round heavy duty magnets with hot glue, because the angel is 10 inches I am adding 4 magnets; one on each hand and two in the center.

This is the angel finished and sitting on my refrigerator.  I said I needed to get something done for Father's Day in my last post and I created this painted plate.  The picture is a daddy bear with his son and I will be adding it to my store in a day or two along with the magnets.  I hope you liked this simple way to decorate for the Fourth of July working with craft foam.

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