Monday, February 13, 2012

Just Finished a Happy/Grumpy Topsy Turvy Rag Cloth Doll

I have just finished up a project I had going before I became quite ill. I designed thisTopsy Turvy doll. I created the pattern and designed the facial features, the doll is made from cotton fabric called Onsaburg. The facial features are painted with acrylic paints and she is a happy doll and a grumpy doll.
She was lots of fun to create and simple, she is 24 inches long. The clothing is all cotton fabrics the darker yellow is broad cloth on the grumpy side and I used cotton thread to make the doll. The hair is a bright red wool yarn and I have hand sewn it into the doll using a heavy quilting thread which is what I do on most my dolls. then I fill the doll with fiber fill. This doll is quite original in that there is only one of her and that the design of the doll is all my own, I am thinking of doing the pattern up for sale in my store and selling it, right now the doll is in my store for sale. I hope you will visit my Etsy store Maplea's Rag cloth dolls and Animals and see what else I have added.

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