Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What I am working on for Tuesday, rabbits

I actually started this Monday evening but I am continuing and will finish the the rabbit later today. I am using a wonderful old pattern from my collection called "floppy friends". The pattern was created in 1995. I am only using the body design of the pattern and making the rabbits my own way.
I designed my own facial features for the dolls and I am making my own clothes for the dolls. I am using Onsburg once again; I am also dry brush painting the fabric around the face in browns and a bit of light gray and pinks for the ears. The paints are acrylics, yes I just love my acrylic paints! I am making a dress with a applique flower on and green pantaloons you can see the dress in the photo it was some second hand fabric my aunt gave to me, a dress she was going to make( fabric was already cut out in a dress form). When I am finished the doll with be about 18 inches long.

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