Sunday, July 25, 2010

Finally Writing and doing Things Again

Well I am finally writing again it has been quite a long time but things have gotten better for my heart.
I have been really busy trying to find a job full time since I have finished my online schooling but there still is way too many people out of work.

So I decided to do what is call the Saturday Market in Washington and start selling some of those crafts of mine. My wonderful husband made me some pretty nice displays for all my crafts. This Saturday I was at the market and had a few sales and I happy folks like my cloth dolls there it was fun even though it was quite windy.

We got to be in a parade for the 4Th of July and it was lots of fun! We got to take the fast little Chevy Mondza Spider. Yes Oreocookies my little baby girl even got to be in the parade and did she ever get all the attention more than the car! I just had to take a picture of her waiting to go.

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