Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Crafting Up more Ideas, a doll from a Paper mache plant pot, aged and sealed Moth wall hanging, another Rock Cottage

I was once again busy crafting away again last weekend and I was working on a couple of things; this is one of them. A doll created out of another paper mache plant pot.
The base is the dress again accept this time I used scrapbook paper and I wadded it up and stained it so that her dress looks all tattered and wrinkled, that old worn out look. I decoupaged the head out of a small ball and some muslin which I stained with my own staining recipe. The arms and hands are cotton fabrics, along with her scarf hat and collar. Mrs. Wiggles is holding a small clay pot for adding a start of a plant. The little clay pot has been stain and sealed with a good sealer. I guess one could also add a little soil and seed and start a plant either way she turned out pretty cute for just a idea running loose in my head.

This is another rock cottage I am also working on and I am close to having it completed by this weekend. I am using acrylic paints and I will seal when I am finished. I no patterns as I am painting just ideas how I want to look or how a little might look, I am going to add some birds and maybe some clothes on the line in the back and on the sides. The last little project is a small decoupaged wooden wall hanging. I found this wonderful vintage graphic at the Graphics Fairy and just had to use it on a small wall hanging or maybe for placing by a stove and using to put those spoons and etc on. I sanded down the wooden wall hanging first and use a bit of crackle on it before adding the moth and stain and I sealed it with a flat sealer.
This weekend I plan to finish up and add these items to my store its just krazy kute productions so be on the lookout I will be adding them next week some time.

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