Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wacky Critters, a cloth doll animal that is is 18 inches long

Well these are the critters I am working on and they are called wacky critters from a great pattern a bought a while back, the idea to create one's very own critters and so this is what I came up with, Dangles a 18 inch; what seems to be a dog.
I used some wonderful children's cotton fabric cameo fabric to be exact.
I then painted on the facial features using acrylic paints, using no patterns just a single thought of how I wanted the face to look. Then I filled him with fiber fill but just enough to make him floppy and very soft to touch and then I used a bit of twine to make a cute little bow around his neck.

I made this one for kids around the age of 4-7 this one can be for either a girl or boy and can you guess what animal is might be? Oh yes I will be adding him to the art fire store to purchase in a few days.

This is a picture of the process of painting his eyes which took several coats to build up the look I wanted.

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