Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just a Wild and Crazy Pillow for any Room in the House

Once again my brain was feverishly working to come up with a different looking pillow maybe for young girl or an adult who loves cute things.
One of the first things I did was to use no patterns for this idea everything is just cut out by hand, well accept for the cat and I did draw that out and placed the pattern piece over the fabric to cut out but the cat is my own design.
I used an old wood coat for the main body of the pillow and I liked the look and idea of leaving some of the seams in so it was planed that way.
Next came the cat which is a wild leopard print the fringe and some color buttons were all added to complete the pillow. I filled the pillow simply by using a little fiber fill.
Yes I also meant for the shape of the pillow to be totally off the wall as one might say, it just a very simple fun idea to create this applique pillow and it is one of my favorites.

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