Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Simple to make Christmas Decorations

These are quite easy to make; you will need sheet of red and white craft foam, jute, hole punch, scraps of fabric, of your choice, black and red acrylic paint, small paint brush, glitter paints, the paper should be scrap book paper and it can be your choice of greens or of design that resembles colors of a Christmas tree. You will also need a hot glue gun with medium temp glue sticks white cotton yarn and scissors.
This can be fun by just cutting out the paper in a tree shape make these as small or big as you want mine are about 4-5 inches. Like I mentioned I just did this free hand with no patterns.
The jute is for stringing through the hole that you will make at the top the tree using the hole punch when you get th
is finished, just knot at tie a bow at the top. Cut out the foam also just free hand designing the shapes you would like then hot glue the foam to the trees that are cut out, then decorate as you would like. Before I forget.. I made the little checks, by just using red acrylic pain and doing a wash to get that light little pink cheeks look. I used a small amount of cotton white yarn for hair and facial hair, just cut a few small strips and tie together then hot glue to the faces. Do the same for making the little scarfs and hat, cloak.

This is very simple and inexpensive and you can make quite a few ornaments for a tree because some these items you may have already and it is a way to get family together to help out making these for the holidays and your tree will look great so have lots of fun with this simple idea and make it your own.

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