Sunday, December 13, 2009

Crafting Away I Go

Season Greetings to all!
Well I was seriously bitten by the crafting bug this week; you may remember that photo I had posted of the start for a doll head, well this week I began working on it seriously and these are the photos of the progress that I have made.
I am painting with acrylic paints and the doll is made with news paper hodgepodge and a balloon. As I mentio
ned a few weeks back this is my first attempt at doing a doll this way, so far not too bad, she is coming out pretty good.

This is a photo with the head completely painted with the acrylic paints and the hair is now hot glued to the head, now I must begin working on the body of the doll which will be filled with fiber fill and will be my own original idea, the head is my own idea no pictures or anything that was used to make the face of the doll just thoughts in my head. I have also filled the head with fiber fill just for added security and firmness to the head, she will be a kind of keepsake doll not one to really be able to romp and play with but one than can fill a person full of memories. I will keep everyone updated as I finish the doll and this coming Wend I will have a cute idea on making ornaments for the tree, and it will be using just craft foam, book scraping paper glue and jute.


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