Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Few New Things and Things to work on

I just finished these two tiny kittens from some scrapes of fabric I had laying around the large cat measures 8x10 inches and the smaller cat is 6x8.
They both are my own original designs, both have been stained to look much aged and there are small black beads for eyes and embroidery for for the noses.
Both cats are filled with fiber fill, they are not really for small children but those just young at heart.
What I did was to just free hand draw on to some paper and cut the patterns of the kitties out and trace onto some cotton fabrics and the rest is just imagination.

This is the smaller kitten 6x8 and I call him MOE

Now the larger cat I call BEBOP and he is the 8x10
Oh yes I wanted to mention that small wall quilt with all the black crows so here is a picture of the finished quilt I started a while back. The quilt is also dimensional in that the one wing is free from the quilt in that it is not sewn to the quilt or I guess one might call it depth perspective.
You can can find the quilt on my small store in Artfire or by looking at the bottom and clicking on my Artfire window.
Right now I am working on a new rag cloth doll that will be for young and older but still young at heart. This doll is from a very vintage pattern and in a few days I will share the steps to making her or how I will complete her, right now she is all cut out and sitting by my sewing machine ready to go.

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