Friday, March 6, 2009

A primitive Tea Pot and Another Blog

I just finished this really nice ceramic tea pot, and thought I would share with you all what I did to make it look aged. Aged by just playing with acrylic paints and a wood stain.
what I did first was just to paint the tea pot the colors I wanted; I used blues, pinks browns and white.
I did use some old rags to wipe away and re-paint then I let everything dry well adding about 3 coats to crackle. Now let that dry for a couple of days before using the wood wax stain. Add small dabs and wipe downward let dry for a another couple of days. I did add a little sparkle paint but its hard to see in the photo.
I really like how the tea pot came out, of course it can only be for decoration and not actually using. The final touch was to paint on a flat sealer.
I have a couple of ceramic pots for plants I am going to work on in the next few days to see if I can make them look as if they are aged.

Before I forget I started another blog, but its all about my 4 wonderful dogs and kitty, and there will be photos and videos just for a bit of fun. Sometimes I will write as the dogs might be thinking or just writing about something fun and adventurous. Howling Down The 4 Doggone Lane

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