Monday, February 23, 2009

Talking about Using Quilting Batting and Making Cloth Doll Animals

This is Dorky Raccoon he is made from quilting batting but what makes him so unusual is the quilting batting is stained so that he looks like a primitive cloth doll animal raccoon.
The patten for the raccoon is a vintage pattern from the sixties'.
I took the quilting batting and stained each cut out piece with gray acrylic pain, walnut stain and a bit of black acrylic paint.
I used water to run the paints together by using a very wet sponge paint brush, sort of like doing a wash onto the quilting batting.
Then I baked all the pieces in my oven at
200 degrees; laying all pieces on large cookie sheets covered with tin foil.
The result was an interesting mixture of colors and aging, I also used some cotton scraps of fabric for the face and buttons for eyes along with black cotton floss to do some added facial features.
Dorky stands about 20 inches and is filled with fiber fill there is a cotton fabric ribbon around his neck for that final touch.
The quilting batting held up and really gives an interesting looking when one is staining or doing a type of wash, then cooking in the oven seals in the colors and the paints and stains dry in a fun and unusual way.

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