Monday, February 16, 2009

Playing around with my Valentines present

What a wonderful gift my sweet hubby gave me! a new camera! hooray! yes I am quite excited about it.
He went and got me a Cannon Power Shot it is just..... well there are no words to express how sweet it was of him to do this.
Anyway I have been playing with it over the weekend and I finished this rug a few weeks ago and wow what a difference the camera makes so I took more pictures of the little hand bag/purse and of those little baskets can one see the difference
4x optical zoom makes.
Remember the giveaway is still going on so send me an email!

A much better picture of the small baskets! Hooray!

A much better picture of the crochet hand bag/purse you can win! get your name in by Feb 25th just send you email and name to

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