Thursday, February 19, 2009

Crochet Rag rug and Tiny Wooden Things

This is another crochet rag rug that measures 20x20 using the bulky yarn. In the rug I have used a single stitch and skipped a stitch using my 10 crochet hook, along with doing a double stitch.
I wanted to give this rug a little different look so it was a edging by using those stitches I mentioned. It is a small rug but still quite decorative crochet rag rug from yarn. I really like the contrasting yarns, a black center, and a variety of color on the outside, it gives the rug a bit of antique look.

Then I had these cute wooden items and decided to make the dog and cat into primitive magnets. There is also cute small rabbit with wheels that could have been used as toys, to use a decorative primitives. I have stained them with a walnut stain and used a tiny amount of crackle, next I took a gray paint and cover the pieces and wiped them with a cloth and it gave them a nice old aged look.
I added a cloth bow to the cat for a small finishing touch, adding the gray paint and rubbing and wiping off really gave the cat, dog, and rabbits more of a beat up look, I think.

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