Monday, February 9, 2009

Crazy Old Man Winter is Coming through Again

Well this morning had to be another wild winter day, freezing rain, black ice, snow and now some sunshine. The day started off pretty interesting as it was a very cool 25 at the house and it had rained last night so the deck was extremely dangerous for walking on. The next fun thing was trying to deice the doors on my pickup to take my son to his early morning class. The doors were quite frozen shut do to the cold and rain. Yup the roads had plenty of black ice and my driving was inching like a turtle or so my son called it. Actually the truck did quite well but the fat tires and the 4 wheel drive helped a little.
After I arrived we discovered school had a 2 hour delay so back we headed, when we got home my daughter came rushing to the door and let us know school was out for the entire day! HOORAY....
As we arrived home it began snowing hard and staying cold brr......
So through out the day it snowed, it rained and rained more and my hubby had to come home because roads were to icy for the Mule train log truck and the logging roads were becoming dangerous with 4 inches of snow developing.
So tonight high winds are expected with snow and cold, but at this very second the sun is shining as I write this at 4:30 Pacific time.
So my entire day was a day of getting nothing done the laundry pile stayed the same the dishes are still in the sink and it actually looks like a hurricane went through my home at the end of this day. Now it is time for me to head off to my online class maybe tomorrow I get lots done, but more snow is expected and the cold is still here but I can imagine getting lots done now can't I dream about a nice clean house, so I will dream

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