Friday, January 23, 2009

Shake, Rattle and Roll

Good heavens it felt like an earth quake all yesterday; the house shook and rattled with the construction going on outside my home.
What's going in is the pipeline to the new sewer system.
The large cat was tearing up the road and the dump truck hauling the road away, you can also see the pipeline going in on the roadway.
The entire house shook and rattled things fell off shelves and my dogs ran and hid under pillows. Polar bear who mind you is suppose to be filled with courage ran into my bedroom and and hid under the bedspread because he could not get under the bed.
Personally I have mixed feeling about the new sewer it has been costly for us. In 99 I and my family lost everything to a fire , everything in our home was lost.
In making a long story short the contractor thought he could get around not having to replace the septic. He was wrong!
Insurance did not cover it and so all the money for contents in the house went for a new septic system. My house is new and the septic is new, being only 6 years old. We were told that we would have to contribute and pay for the new sewer so all the money for the septic is just tossed to the wind, more than 25, 000 dollars.
Another reason for mixed feelings is we all were paying for the new sewer for a number of years when someone in the company stole all that money! Yes I said stole it and we all had to start over once again accept this time the prices went up, doubling the cost. Less I have some mixed feeling because I have heard now the new sewer will not be running until next Dec and I am hoping with all the rattling and shaking that the foundation on the house does not crack.

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