Friday, January 16, 2009

A Reminder of What to do with left over Roast Beef

Yesterday I opened the refrigerator and saw the roast still just looming there, so I asked the question. What the heck can I do with left over roast?
Finally the answer was right in front of me, soup, make a soup.
I then began slicing up the roast and a bunch of potatoes along with onions. I then threw it into my slow cooker pot and added about 5-8 cups of water and let it cook for a while. After a little, about an hour or two I added about 2 table spoons of flour slowly and make sure it dissolved, I then added 2 packets of mushroom gravy mix. I made sure that also dissolved and I let it all cook on low for several hours.
I also made some corn bread to go along with this roast beef soup. It really turned out yummy!
The flour and the gravy mixes just thicken a little so that it was kind of in between a soup and stew.
I think one could do a lot more with this, adding green, red peppers, celery, maybe instead of potatoes, rice. Then serve it with fresh baked bread or like I did warm corn bread, the ideas are endless to what one can do with a old left over roast.
I saved some and took this picture just to show how it turned out. Letting it cook all day, made the meat just nice and tender one is able to soak up the juices with a nice warm piece of corn bread.

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