Thursday, January 3, 2008

I love to work with pre-fabricated wooden items

I love getting pre-fabricated wooden items and seeing all that I can do with them. I have brought door knob hangers, hang bags and boxes to add all my touches.
On this first one I just went wild, mixing paints coming with the idea of aged, old, rough looking box for jewelery.

I used several paints and did a bit of sloping the paint onto the box. I used some great paper and some cute little critters, but the final touch is the cording that is around the top. This old Hen house came out quite cute.
In the next picture I will be showing is a pre-fabricated wooden handbag that I used red, browns and a bit of black acrylic paints. Yes when painting I use only the acrylics and use good sealers.

I would add only a touch of black then wipe it off with a rag, add some browns, wipe, then my red and oranges each time wiping away the access paint. I let the handbag dry good for a few days before adding the stickers. Then again letting the handbag sit for a day before adding any sealers.
It all takes a bit of practice before getting the right look you want, but you can have lots of fun getting there and using all kinds of ideas for this type of wood.

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