Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas to Everyone.

A very Merry Christmas!
May all your homes have many blessings.
I guess I will write about what Christmas is, yes it about the birth of our Savior but is also about the wonderful things he did apon this earth and the one thing that really stands for me is the charity he had for all.
So I guess my Christmas wish this year is for more charity for everyone.
I mean chairty does have to be something done thats giantic but instead, something little or small.
I will give some examples of what I mean.....
Walk in the store smiling at all you meet
Ask someone how are they?
Wish someone a Merry Christmas
Donate food to a food bank
Make a treat for your neighbor
Pick a child's name off the Christmas tree in your bank, store etc and buy that child a gift.
Let someone go ahead of you in the line at the store
Wish the clerk in the store a Merry Christmas
Donate a bag of cat food or dog food to animals in a shelter, after all they need lots of love and chairty.
Open the door for someone
Have patienice standing in a long line, visit with the person in front or behinde you
Tell a family member how special they are, or a friend
Most of remember charity in your own home with family

Charity is just little things, but imagine how different things would be if all of us would just do these little things....
Imagine how just that little amount of charity might mean to someone else....
I know when we have true charity in hearts, we will be blessed in so many ways. And with this I say may your home be filled with all kinds of blessings, again....

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