Thursday, November 8, 2007

What's up This week

Well it has been one of the busiest weeks for me, I have been creating some wonderful handmade crafts. Of course these crafts can be only found in my wonderful store Frankly It's Kute Prodcutions.
One of the newest items is a set of 3 sisters. Tha
t are cloth dolls and are 14 inches. I made them from some cotton robe fabric and filled them with fiber fill. Of course their dresses are all cotton fabrics. They came out so sweet looking.......

The dolls took about one week to finish up then it was not long until I was at it again. This time I got busy painting, but what to paint on. So I found a small chalk board and painted some snow drifts on it and they are thinking SNOW...
I used acrylics to paint the cute little picture.

The drifts are thinking of a happy Christmas time! I also made the chalkboard look a bit ragged with the green acrylic paint so that it has an older look. I have done this by applying the paint and wiping away the paint several times.

The next new item in my store is a Holiday fabric bowl. This time I used a wonderful bright Christmas felt to make the bowl. The felt was simple to work with and it made the bowl stiffer that just using a cotton fabric. The felt is a bright red with sparkles in it. I used a cotton cording and just wrapped cut strips of felt around the cording. You have to have time to sew slow so that you control the fabric and cording. I used a zig-zag stitch and green quilting thread.

This week has been a fun one getting ready and creating some wonderful handmade crafts for the Holidays. I have also created a few more items but I wanted to talk about some of my personal favorites and so I have. I hope you all will come and visit my store and take a look and I keep busying coming up with some more ideas!

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