Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Creating Critters by freehand

In crafting my plush stuffed animals I will just brainstorm and idea onto fabric. That is I don't use any patterns I just start cutting fabric free hand. Yup that's right free hand, I think its easier than you can believe. If you remember to keep it simple, that means if you can cut a circle you can free hand make something. Take Sweet Tooth he was made by cutting circles.

I created the body by cutting round circles, the ears are circles, legs and arms are a long ovals. The head was made by cutting out half circles and sewing them together. What I love most just free hand cutting and designing my plush animals is I never know just how one might turn out. I started first using second hand fabric to teach myself or drawing out first the idea I might want. Another little trick I do is to take took the finished circle and turned or faced it with the seam showing I thought it added a little extra something, although sometimes I will not face the seam to the front but to the sides for another look. Looks like I will have to now design a pattern for Sweet Tooth, I have already added him to my store.

In fact I have been busy again cre
ating here are some of the latest creating that are in my store Frankly It's Kute Productions.

This is Frostbite, She is a very cool cat and another one
of my free hand creations. I hope you all will stop in at my store and take a look a closer look at all my new creations this week.

An Angel and a cute mat to sit any where for a center piece. The mat has pieces of chalkboard fabric sewn into the felt. I painted on the chalkboard.

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