Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What I am Working on a Whacked Out Folk Art Quilt using my Landscape Photos

 This will be a wall hanging quilt and its one of favorite ways of quilt making, which is called whacking.  I am whacking out the decor around the photo which is one of my nature or landscape photos.

 I printed the photo on fabric and began adding the sides and top, then I decided to add the leaves, which are cut from felt. The trees are also being cut out free hand using no patterns but just cutting the fabric and the trees are a pretty brown decorative felt.
 I am adding all kinds of different designs of stitches from my Brother Sewing Machine
 This is a close up of one of trees and the design in the felt, I creating the quilt on the sewing machine because I love crafting quilts using the machine it is just lots of fun for me and I am using a white cotton thread just because I wanted quite a lot of contrast in the leaves and trees.
 I cut small squares for the top and altered the squares, down below is more of the trees and leaves as I am adding them.  I soon will add the backing which will be a dark orange-brown and I have also signed the photo and put the year it was made on it.  I am not using any stabilizer because the felt does not need it.  I love working with my photos and the felt and I plan on doing a few more quilts like this one and some that will just use some great great I have been working on.

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