Friday, April 12, 2013

A Painting Frenzy Friday I will go projects I have been finishing up on for my Store

This week I just have been in worst painting frenzy! I love doing the hand painted plates so much that I have also these cute ceramic dispensers to paint and some bowls to paint.  I know.... I should be working on mother's day projects and I will.. I will it's just sometimes the love for Halloween comes out at the strangest time.  Thus the reason for the Frankenstein soap dispenser and the black cat hand painted plate.  But 2 of the projects are not about Halloween rather one is a hand painted bowl with the nursery story of Little Bo Peep and the other bowl is for inspiring ourselves to never give up! I took a quote from one my most favorite LDS members and hand painted a sweet picture to go with it.  Everything was painted by hand using no patterns just my ability to draw a little.  I love using my oil based acrylics! I just love the brightness while painting with them.  I am also baking everything in the oven also makes the paint brighter.  Baking in my oven is how I seal my painted plates I finding the more paint I need to use then the longer the plate needs to bake at 250 degrees, for instance the black cat had to bake a good hour because I used several coats of paint for the cat and the pumpkins.  This is only a few of the many I have finished this week and what I am working on for Friday!

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