Wednesday, January 30, 2013

20 inch Rag Doll Meet Winnie Blue Skies

Hello to everyone! I have been busy working on a few projects and Winnie is one of them.  I took one of my bear patterns and converted it into a 20 inch rag cloth doll.  I used Osnaburg fabric for the body and stained it   lightly with my super sauce of coffee, cinnamon and vanilla.  I then created my own facial features and painted them in using oil based acrylics  The hair is a cotton/ wool blend yarn of various browns, reds in color and I have hand sew the yarn into the doll's head using a heavy quilting thread.  The dress was not stained and is a light weight cotton and I designed the pattern for the dress.  The shoes are a black felt from an old coat and there is a single bow tied in her hair.  I had a lot of fun changing the pattern from a bear into a doll it was simple to do and I think the doll Winnie Blue Skies came out very cute!

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Kim said...

Winnie is adorable!