Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Easy Chili Recipe for the Contest, The Cheater's Love of Chilli

First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my son MITCHELL who turns a big one nine today!!!
This is my favorite recipe because its so simple and yes you cheat a little for this recipe.  In that I have taken that store bought can of chili and made it homemade to taste.  This recipe is for those that would love to do an old fashioned pot of chili but don't have lots of time to do it.  You take one large can of cheap store chili, one yellow squash, canned black beans, frozen corn, red onion, orange, green bell pepper, and for those who like it really hot a hot pepper and Tabasco sauce, one can of stewed tomatoes, sour cream and finally  grated pepper jack cheese.
In a large pot add the canned chili, one large can of whole stewed tomatoes, one small package of sweet frozen corn, slice the bell peppers and the yellow squash and add them, cut up the hot pepper and add it, add 2 shots of Tabasco sauce, and the can of black beans, remember also to add chopped up red onion, the red works best rather than yellow or white for taste. Stir this all up and let simmer on low for an hour to 2 hours then increase heat until it begins to boil, until peppers and squash are tender, reduce heat and serve with grated pepper Jack cheese and sour cream.  This will be a hot hot chili for those who like it hot! and it just tastes as good as homemade, no one will know you cheated just a tiny bit! Remember you can also enter this contest for your Chili recipe here


The Farmer's Attic said...

One word - Yummy!!!


Ashley said...

Cheaters chili, now who doesn't love that?!!