Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Some Painted Plates I finished over the Weekend

Happy Haunting October to everyone!
I am busy working on a bunch of new ideas but first I finished 2 painted plates one is a little more serious plate painting in that I created it more for Thanksgiving and its about the harvest with all the veggies and fruits.  This idea came from an old photo I had but in the photo it was just apples nothing else I changed the idea a little by adding different veggies and a few fruits. 
In the second plate I have decided to design some painted plates that deal with the Oregon coast and this one is my first attempt I hoping that it creates new traffic to my stores and for the markets for next year. 
Both plates are done with an acrylic oil based paint and sealed by baking the plate in the oven at 250 degrees.   I should have both plates in my store by next week.  I also want to mention I am have a wonderful sale in both stores, you can use the coupon there in the Etsy stores for 30% off  so come check out my Etsy stores.  I have a give away line up that will be starting on Oct 19th you will be able to win one of my dolls!
I am also working on some cute Halloween dolls and I will be posting about them a little later on. Fall is off to a big boom for me I have lots plans for lots of fun on my blog in the following weeks so I come you will come join me.

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