Thursday, September 13, 2012

Been Away too Long as Usual but have Video of Jojo and Recipes

It's been been quite a while again since my last post, just seems life loves to give me some of the best trials. But its all okay and I know to see trials as a blessing even the bad ones. Jojo spent about 3 weeks at the burn center but she came through the operation just fine! yea. Yesterday Mitchell was driving the green 1998 Saturn and the clutch fell out, luck for me I have road side assistance! got the car towed home. But now I don't have the money for the new clutch! dang it! I have not been doing much crafting as I have been with my grand daughter and daughter helping them at home also trying to get them help with their rent, both Keeley and her boyfriend were at the hospital for 3 weeks so there is no money for rent and trying to find help for them has been not too much fun!
I have done some baking and I did a little film of Jojo but I was moving the camera around way too much. I still uploaded it because she is just too cute in it , can you tell the proud gram ma is showing? The film is at the bottom of this page! and don't I sound goofy!
The picture above is corn muffins and country gravy! I love buying corn bread mix and adding dried bacon bits, frozen corn and a bit of onion to the mix and making up some country gravy for a Sunday breakfast. I have also made home made Carmel fudge and this recipe is really easy and very sweet. In a small sauce pan add one can of sweet milk and 4 cups of brown sugar add to small sauce pan and heat on medium to medium low heat stir constantly until it begins bubbling, then lower the heat and keep stirring until it starts getting thick, the sauce will begin to get thick and it should still be bubbly as you stir, then remove add nuts, coconut or what ever you would like in your Carmel fudge.

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