Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Entirely Late Posting My Son's Graduation!

Howdy to everyone today! its finally a nice warm day on the Oregon coast and I have been busy with lots of chores this day.  Today I sat down because I have these photos from my sister, who I say big thanks too! phew! we almost did not have anything of my son's graduation which was June 18th 20012.  Yes I am late posting this....
I have learned that my husband needs lessons in electrons!  we wanted to record the graduation, I was going to do the filming,  well... you know those males at times like to take charge and my hubby did; except when he took charge he did not realize you had to turn the camera on!!  So I had no pictures, video of our son's graduation, my sister even said her camera was acting up but luck be on her side she did get some shots that came out! and yesterday I found them in my email! phew!
The first picture is my son and he is in the other photos as well.   I am so proud well... we both are so proud of of him!!  He did well in school, lettered in football, track and wrestling with a 3.2 grade average! yea!  He even broke some records! with other track members!  I love him so much he has a strong faith in the LDS Church, to choose the right and to stand out in a crowd and not follow others!  He has decided to serve his country and will be joining the Air Force and thinks he will leave in Oct.  I remember yesterday bringing home a 9 pound 11 oz. baby boy who all the nurses loved because of that dimple in his chin, I sorry about posting this so late but I just had to share it today,  Love you so much Mitchell!

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Kim said...

Congrats to you and your son. A bitter sweet day :)