Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's Thursday, The Happenings for Today May 17th 20012

Heaven's it seems this month is just flying away! Today I have been adding some products to my Etsy store Maplea's Rag Dolls and Animals. I created these all some time back, the first is a cute set of small primitive kitties. I used some scraps of Berber and quilting cotton fabric. I did not use any patterns, I just took some scissors and began cutting these guys out of the fabric to my amazement they turned out not too bad. I have filled them both with fiber fill and used black beads for noses and eyes. I stained both with my super sauce of instant coffee and vanilla.

A while back I had some interesting and color cotton blend fabric that is nice and heavy for making this cat from a vintage pattern. I went away from the instructions of the pattern a little, by not using fake fur or muslin. I added buttons for eyes and the buttons are mismatched a little thing I like to do now and then.

The bear turned out so cute, he was created last fall from an neat vintage pattern that I have changed, actually I used a bit of 2 vintage patterns to make this little guy.

This is a want to be clown rag cloth doll that I created and it started from a vintage pattern but I added my very own ideas, I painted the face white with acrylic paints and designed my own facial features, along with designing my own outfit for the doll.

Lastly there is a great celebration going on at Etsy and it's from the Old Farm House Gathering on Etsy, lots and lots of talented people sharing their wonderful crafting abilities so come check it out!! Here is the link

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