Sunday, July 17, 2011

What I am Working on Sunday July 17th 2011

I have been working on painting rocks, my favorite famous rock cottages. I found the most interesting rocks and made one of my little rock cottages and I am working on another one right next to it that is not quite completed. Once again in the photo above, I washed the rock in some hot soapy water and let it dry for a few days before I begin painting. I love using acrylic paints best and a good sealer so that the paint will last a very long time. This rock is quite large so it will make a really good door stop the second one that is not finished will be smaller and will be better for setting on a shelf or holding a stack of papers in place. In the photo below is a little cardboard heart box and I had a blast working on it also; using acrylic paints and coffee to make the heart box look really old and aged, I also used a bit of light weight sand paper and lightly, carefully sanded the box for some finishing touches, then sealed it. I did not use and patterns but just the painting by free hand designs both projects and if I goofed a little I think it just added more to both projects by doing free hand with really no intention or pre-plan pattern. Sometimes I find it fun just to sit down and start creating because you just never know what you will come up with and that is the fun of a project the never knowing...

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