Thursday, June 30, 2011

Time to Blog Again, Crochet purse and Table Cover

Time to blog again; seems life throws something at me every time but with prayers and realizing that it will be alright, trials seem not to be as they appear. Some of the trials have been health issues again with a bout of pneumonia, RA reacting to the stress of a serious family issue.
I have returned again; it has taken a while but thought I better get busy. I have not been able to craft as much lately because the the issues with my daughter who is slightly disabled. There is also the fact that I have been very sad with one of my dogs, my oldest and best sweet heart. I have had polar for 14 years and now I am losing him to cancer that can't be operated on, so I have been spending my time and minutes with him to help him for as long as I can.
I was doing a bit of crocheting and finished a another little purse and table cover.
In the purse pictured above I used a cotton yarn and a small crochet hook to create it. I did not use any patterns but just an idea to what I thought would be a cute purse and I used just the basic stitch making sure the stitches were tight and small so that nothing will fall through. I finished this table cover a while ago and thought I would share it again, I used a wool yarn on it and the edging is a cotton yarn for a final touch. The table cover and purse were fun just to create using just a simple thought and some very basic double stitches. I also added a few pretty buttons to the little purse and it buttons shut using the one button that is somewhat in the center. Later I will add them to the Art fire store, where they can be purchased.

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