Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Sea Story, a large wall hanging quilt, whacked out by freehand

This is a quilt a did a while back, it is all my design, no patterns were used I just cut all the pieces out by free hand. I used all kinds of fabrics for this quilt there are cottons, rayon's, corduroy, flannel, polyester, muslin, quilt batting, buttons, and yarn used to create this one of kind quilt not to mention all the different stitches used by my sewing machine. This quilt is no longer for sale I have decided to just to kept as a reminder of my Uncle Bill who was in the navy and once told me that untrue stories, wild stories were often called Sea Stories, so thus is the name of this quilt, as it is nothing but a wild tale.
In the first panel there are some mermaids sun bathing and watching over their treasure, and a school of happy fish swimming on a nice warm day. Suddenly the day is spoiled by a silly fisherman who is wanting to catch a grand fish! But this fisherman finds himself in a heap of trouble with mean old octopus, lucky for this fisherman the maids decide to help him out and hand over the treasure to this poor unlucky fisherman!
Later on I may do another sea story quilt, I love whacking it's working with imagination to me, and of cartooning helps me lots in designing these one of kind quilts.

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