Saturday, August 21, 2010

Working on an a small project; the Itty Bitty Felt Bear

I have been working a few things; one was my tiny little bears and a bit later on I will share this project idea with you all on how to make these little guys.
These little bears can be made on a sewing machine or by just sewing by hand; I just hand sewed this one and the stitching is a bit strange looking but that is because I wanted that way. I did the stitching a bit loose and jagged to get this effect but one not do this way I was just playing around with an idea when I did up this little bear.
I used a bit of brown felt for the bear and cotton fabrics for the little dress, buttons for the eyes and bead for the nose. I used bigger buttons just because I wanted a different look to the bear, what I am trying there is a lots of ways to make these little guys and they don't have to be just bears with a few simple changes you can make dogs, rabbits cats or what ever else one can think up. I will share the project idea sometime next week so be on the look out for how to make these little guys.

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