Monday, April 12, 2010

A New Rock Cottage Door Stop

Well I had lots of fun finishing up this newest rock cottage;I love using the acrylic paints and designing these rock cottage door stops. I think the make a room more lively as I try to create them with imagination alone. Each cottage has those famous cobwebs and spider webs; with either a person or animal peeking out of a window or if I let my thinking get a little wild who knows what else might be peeking out a window!
I try to make each one different, no patterns just what might first come to mind to create them. Each rock is washed and cleaned quite well before painting with acrylic paints and I use various sizes of brushes for the details of each cottage and a very good sealer.
A nice thing about these rock cottage door stops is they are heavy to keep a door ajar; but I also make sure to pick out those rocks that are unusual and shaped like a small cottage would be each one is never the same and I feel that is the fun of making these cute cottages.

I will be adding this new rock cottage to my store its just krazy kute Productions in a few days so that it can be purchased.

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