Monday, March 15, 2010

A Busy Crafting away Weekend!

Well this weekend I decided to get busy with some ideas I have been playing around with and I ended working on 3 projects at one time. The good thing about it, was that they were small projects. The first project is working with a paper mache' planting pot which is going to become a doll. Second in a little wall hanging painting I am doing using a small chalk board.
First I will talk about what I making with the pot, as I mentioned it will be a doll. What I am doing is deco
upaging a cotton fabric onto the pot and adding staining to make it all looking aged. Right now I am the first stage; which is cutting the fabric and applying it to the pot. I did put the fabric on upside down just because I wanted to be different; in case everyone is thinking "well she has the fabric on wrong".

Second I began working on a chalkboard wall hanging that I will also paint and stain for an aged look this will be called the Gardener. I am using acrylic paints and a small chalk board to create and then I will sand, and use crackle to age the wood and stain the entire item. This is just the starting stage and as you can see I have good start on it.

The last thing I worked on was one of my many rock cottages and I have finished this one...
I will be adding it to my online blog/store to be purchased. What I like to do is go out and find odd shaped rocks and turn them into little cottages that help keep those doors in a home open..
I use acrylic paints and seal the cottages up with a very nice sealer. In all three of these projects I am doing there are no patterns just ideas from the old noodle! I will add the Rock cottage later this week and I will show the progress of the other 2 projects going on this week later or earlier next week. I hope you all will stop in and see how each project came out in the end.

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