Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Finished Crochet Rag Rug and Small Basket

I finally finished the rug and basket, they both were fun to create. Nope no patterns once again just ideas out of my head.
On the rug I used a triple stitch and a double, and I used a yarn that was acrylic and of many earthly tones.
The rug is about 19x18 and the basket is 11 inches across and
I designed a simple lid for it Now for the basket I did a single stitch and a double, for both the rug and basket I used my 10 1/2 hook and I also starched the basket somewhat so that it would be slightly stiff. I almost forgot; on the rug once again I doubled the yarn for that thickness and it worked quite well.

This project took a few more days, well about a entire week to complete this time, and lots of fun complete them.

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Dee said...

wow my mom used to crochet but I don't see many people doing it now. Is it a dying art?