Sunday, May 17, 2009

Talking about My Geisha Quilt

This has to be one of my most favorite quilts that I created mostly because no patterns were used and it was all my original design.
I used all kinds of fabrics in this quilt cottons, rayon's, recycled fabrics from shirts and I did a bit of ribbon embroidery on this one. The ribbon embroidery was done to create a flower in some of the Geisha girls.

The story of the quilt is the girls decided to do some practice of using their fans and decided to do it outside, but the wind caused them some problems. I also added colorful buttons and you can see some of them in this panel that I did; in this panel she is heading out to start the practice.

This is the last panel where the fans have blown away and the other girls have left and given up, so there is only one left and you can see the wind is blowing pretty hard being her is hair is all messed up. I know I have talked about this quilt once before but it is such a favorite and I had the new camera I wanted to show more detail of the quilt for you all, I thought the photos came out better this time around. I love making these type of applique quilts and not using any patterns because it really gives one that original type of quilt, I am thinking about adding it to my Art fire shop or to my other blog, but for now I just wanted to share it again with you all.

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