Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Finished Crochet wool rag rug

I finished a 22x22 acrylic wool crochet rag rug over the last week. At first I was going to do this rug with a blue and white yarn and then decided the rug needed to be heavier. So I got out some dark green and dark orange and got a very pretty acrylic wool rag rug. I used a 10 1/2 hook to make this rug and just some basic stitches to create it.
Sorry about the picture, as I still do not have a good camera and do I miss my old one! Plus it has been raining non stop since Saturday! and it has been dark and gray on the Oregon coast so getting the camera to stop telling me its too dark has been a small challenge.
I will be putting the rug into It's Just Krazy Kute Productions later on next week.

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