Friday, December 7, 2007

Thank you!

Today is the first day I am able to be online! You all may know the Oregon coast and South west Washington was hit by wind, and flooding. The storm was quite amazing, I have not seen one like it since I have been living here on the coast for more than twenty years. There is still many without power and trying to clean up. But today is the day I wanted to say thank you too so many.
Thank you just does not seem enough... but THANK YOU!
First to our radio station who was the communication when all the cell phones and phones were not working! They still are keeping us updated and informed! They worked many long hours, thank you!
Thank you to that are police, fire departments, who helped so much! I have just heard stories of people being trapped by down trees and fire departments going in and cutting out people. Saving horses when barns have totally blown down, and working hard these past days, thank you! so much for all you have done!
THANK YOU Pacific Power, all those who traveled from different states and locally to help put power on for all of us! I know how hard you have worked, the endless hours,and are still working to help us it has been truly amazing. Thank you!!
Thank you goes out to all those who have helped each other! how amazing that is
Thank you to those who fed us and gave us somewhere warm to go!
Right now the work is still going on..
I thought so hard the past few days on to thank everyone and let everyone know and thus I though of this blog....
During the storm I was just amazed at how the winds could make this home seem like you were riding on a bumpy train ride. I have heard that some of the gusts were 120 miles an hour during the storm and it was hurricane wind for hours. I have heard so many amazing stories...
But for now I thinks its most important just to say THANK YOU to all those who have and are still working so very hard..

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