Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Paper and Foam Angel Free Craft Project

This is a simple project...
What you will need:

Pink craft foam
light weight card board, one small board will do.
wiggle eyes

wire ribbon
cotton floss the color can be your choice
crafting paper, scrape bo
ok paper
stain ribbon
crafting wire
candy cane, or some little thing to put in the angels hand

hot glue gun
hole punch
First cut out a small shape for the angels body on the cardboard like the picture below..

Next trace this design onto the paper you have chosen and also cut out one wing from the cardboard. One wing will be stiffer than the other when you glue the paper onto the cardboard.

Now cut the arms, legs and head from craft foam... you can do this either freehand or design how you want the hands legs to look on a scrape of paper.

Glue the body to the cardboard, glue eyes, arms legs hair, to make the hair tie serveral strands together and trim the ends. Use a hot glue gun to glue.

So that it now looks like this BE SURE to glue the wings, legs behind the angel. Cut a small piece of paper to cover part of the arm and make it look like part of the dress.
Punch 2 holes....
With your hole punch in the back wi
ng and at the back of the dress like this..

Now you are almost finished, just use some Christ
mas wire ribbon and stain ribbon and tie bows around the wire with the wire ribbon, and hot glue the stain bow under the chin of the angel so it looks like this when you are all finished.

It will make a cute addition to any Christmas tree and I am planing on having some sets of these in my store.

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