Saturday, October 27, 2007

Happy Haunting Halloween

Happy Halloween! Just a few days till the big day!
So have a fun one but a safe one.....
I found a great site for ideas on decorating and here it is There are some really cool ideas for Halloween.
Football comes to an end this weekend for us here on the coast, but the eigth grades boys are still undefeated, Hooray for them.

There is a SALE going on in my store Halloween items, 30% off and an extra 10% off when you check out! Or just get 10% off on all items, so its a great deal and it ends Monday!

It was a busy week with Homecoming, the dance, football games, and getting my yard in shape for the kids this Halloween! My daughter looked so pretty for the dance.

In crafting I am working on a wonderful set of dolls, 3 sisters and they are 18 inches, I have just finished the bodies, adding the hair and eyes. Now I am set on making their dresses. The bodies are from craft velour. I am also working on a wall hanging quilt that has some cute snowmen. But more is in the works.

Here is a Halloween treat idea!
Get some Keebler short bread cookies, the kind with the chocolate frosting, some chocolate frosting, and a orange decorative frosting tube, and some chocolate kisses.
Flip the short bread cookies over on the chocolate side add a bit of the frosting and place a kiss on. Now take the orange frosting and make a bow around the kiss.
You now have witch hats and this all comes from my wonderful Betty Cocker cookie recipe cook book!

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